Advice for Ag Transport Across State Lines

Advice for Ag Transport Across State Lines

At this time, there is no indication farmers are being stopped while performing Ag operations across state lines.  However, to be proactive, we are providing the following resources:

RI Ag Worker Travel Verification to fill out and carry identifying themselves as critical industry.  At its most basic, any letter you carry should provide:

  • Name and address of the employee
  • Name and address of the business
  • Nature of the employee’s essential work
  • Signature and contact information for the employer

Travel documents are NOT required by any state we are aware of at this time.  This letter and any of the following Ag guidance from other Northeast states are no guarantee that you will have a smooth experience at any checkpoint you MAY encounter.  However, this letter and a positive attitude should help you to continue to smoothly  perform your Ag operations across state lines.

Letters providing Guidance for Ag operations in all Northeast states.  We advise you carry the letter(s) containing Ag guidance from any state you are traveling to/through for your farm business.  Some of these are a bit long, however they are the best examples these states have.  I recommend you look for and highlight the appropriate agriculture or farming section, sentences or phrasing before you leave.

RI Agricultural Operations and COVID-19

CT Ag Critical Industry

Massachusetts COVID 19 Essential Services

Maine Food and Ag is Essential Business

NH Ag is Critical Industry

Vermont Stay Home Stay Safe Ag Critical Industry

NY Guidance For Critical Business COVID 19

PA Guidance-Essential Businesses for a Safe Food Supply

Maryland Interpretive Guidance Letter Ag

New Jersey Ag is Essential and Vital Business

In addition, if hauling Livestock, please use this link for Interstate Livestock Shipping Requirements.  (This link is useful for any Livestock Transport across state lines, with or without a global pandemic!)

Requirement to Self-Quarantine upon Return from Work Governor Raimondo’s Executive Order 20-14

Quarantine for All Travelers

Section 6. Any person who lives in Rhode Island and works in another state who can work from home is required to do so. To the extent such a person cannot perform his or her functions via telework or other work from home arrangements, that person shall self-quarantine when not at work. This quarantine restriction shall not apply to public health, public safety, or healthcare workers.

  • Stay home.
  • Do not go to work, school, or public areas.
  • Do not use public transportation.
  • Separate yourself from other people in your home. As much as possible, you should stay in a different room from other people in your home. Also, you should use a separate bathroom, if available.