Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Farms

Check out our page on available Farm Energy Programs!  Get a Farm Energy Audit, apply for a grant, learn about all the opportunities available to farms.

RI DEM Produce Safety Portal

RIDEM  Produce Safety Portal

The Division of Agriculture aims to aid growers in navigating the Produce Safety Rule. Use the above link to go to the RI DEM Produce Safety Portal, or start at our FSMA Links page.

FSMA Workshop Series

Where does your farm fall within the PSR?
What are PSR exemptions and exclusions?
What sort of records should be kept?

RI Produce Safety Program is hosting a series of 3 FREE workshops on March 21, April 11 and May 2 to help answer these questions and more.  Click here to go to our FSMA Links page for more information.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Farms

Are you a farm, looking to reduce your energy costs?  There are several programs and resources that can help farmers manage energy use and save money. The State of Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources is a great resource to help you know where to start, and provides links and resources on where to go from there.  Start with the RI Farm Energy Program for a lot of great information, or go right to the Solar Checklist for RI Farms from the Office of Energy Resources. You can even request a FREE Farm Energy Audit!  (Just identify yourself as a farmer in the question/comments box.)

RI Farm Energy Program

RI Agricultural Energy Program Grant Opportunity! 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Farm

RI Farm Energy Efficiency Program