Teacher Resources

Are you a teacher?  Are you interested in adding Agricultural Literacy to your lessons?  There are many ways that you can integrate an agricultural connection into many of your lessons.  Visit the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum  Matrix.  There you will find an online, searchable, and standards-based curriculum map for K-12 teachers. The Matrix contextualizes national education standards in science, social studies, and nutrition education with relevant instructional resources linked to Common Core Standards.

Here is an example of what the Matrix offers:

Food Science Bread Dough Challenge

The Bread Dough Challenge is designed for 9-12 Grade.  Students explore the phenomenon of what makes bread dough rise. Using baker’s yeast, students will observe alcoholic fermentation and its connection to cellular respiration as they are challenged to act as food scientists and develop the best recipe for quick-rising bread dough.

What IS Ag Literacy?

Ag literacy is the understanding of the the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food, fiber and energy, animals, lifestyle, the economy and technology.

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Ag Literacy has an incredible amount of resources for teachers as well.

Free Resources & Lesson Plans

More information can be found at https://www.agfoundation.org/