Right to Repair

American Farm Bureau has launched its “Right to Repair” page to provide more information about its Right to Repair MOUs.   

The right to repair issue has been a concern of farmers for years. When a piece of equipment breaks down it can cause major disruptions on the farm, which is why it is so important to have access to the tools and information on how to fix the problem.

Farm equipment can’t be repaired with the turn of a wrench or a piece of bailing wire anymore. Machinery relies heavily on the latest technology, which enables farmers to preserve resources and use better sustainability practices. When a piece of machinery breaks down, the nearest dealer may be hundreds of miles away, leading to long downtimes and expensive repairs.

That’s why AFBF worked with manufacturers to find a private-sector solution to the right to repair issue. AFBF successfully negotiated memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with several major agricultural equipment manufacturers. The MOUs between AFBF and leading manufacturers give farmers access to error codes, specialty tools and information on how to fix the problem, while protecting companies’ intellectual property rights. Farmers and independent repair facilities can also directly purchase diagnostic tools from the manufacturers at a reasonable price, which enables them to repair equipment on or near the farm. AFBF and the manufacturers will meet regularly to review the agreement and address concerns.

Through AFBF’s efforts, approximately three quarters of the agricultural machinery sold in the United States is now covered under right to repair MOUs. The MOUs have the potential to serve as a model for even more manufacturers in the future.

Link: https://www.fb.org/issue/right-to-repair

Farmers Fix It

EDA and our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) industry partners support our customers’ “right to repair” and make it our mission to partner with end-users to maximize uptime.

For farmers and other equipment users, this webpage is a one-stop-shop to help you find information about repair and diagnostic information being made available by the industry-leading OEMs.

Diagnostic, repair, and parts information is on the market today for equipment owners and third-party repair providers.

To learn more about diagnostic and repair offerings, choose your OEM by clicking the “NAEDA” logo above to be sure you are getting the most recent updates.