Agricultural Literacy

How can YOU get involved in Ag Literacy?

Are you a teacher?  Visit the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum  Matrix.  There you will find an online, searchable, and standards-based curriculum map for K-12 teachers. The Matrix contextualizes national education standards in science, social studies, and nutrition education with relevant instructional resources linked to Common Core Standards.

For teachers, parents and volunteers, below is a link to ways you can get involved, and a small sampling of some great ag books for kids of all ages!

The Purple Plow: STEM Learning Challenge!

Agriculture is constantly changing. The tools of yesterday have evolved into the technology of today. The Purple Plow Challenge brand was created to encompass both the history and future of agriculture; the plow symbolizes the history of production agriculture, while purple represents the innovative and exciting ways that agriculture is working to solve challenges today.

Who is Purple Plow?  Purple Plow is a special project brought to you by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture (AFBFA). The resources are made possible through the generous support of the title sponsor, Corteva Agriscience, a division of DowDuPont. The information on this site and in these resources is presented solely for educational purposes. We believe that when teachers and students understand the science and technology involved in food and fiber production:

  • learning can be more interesting and engaging
  • more young people may be interested in related STEM careers
  • more people will be informed about one of the most important industries for a sustainable society

How Can I Get Involved in Ag Literacy?

Here are some ideas of where to start:

  • Tell your story – Blog, post, tweet! Share information with the others who may not have a farm background so they can understand everything you’re doing on the farm.
  • Promote Ag Literacy – Help spread the word about ag literacy & the Foundation’s resources by talking to teachers, volunteers,  posting about them online or setting up barn banners at a fair
  • Make a donation – Your support is crucial. Your gifts help make us make more ag literacy resources for you to use

Accurate Ag Books for Children

These few books are a small representation of what can be found via Feeding Minds Press, a project of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.  (You may click on each cover below to be taken to the book’s page.)