2023 Rhode Island Farm Scavenger Hunt

The 2023 RI Farm Scavenger Hunt fliers are with the Graphic Designer and Printer, and we are excitedly awaiting them here in the office! We appreciated everyone’s patience in 2022 as we transitioned the Rhode Island Farm Scavenger Hunt over from the RI Fruit Growers, and are excited for 2023.

May 1, 2023. We understand that today should be the start of the flyers. This year there has been a delay with the designer, but the flyers are in her hands and everyone involved is trying hard to get them out as fast as we can. Please remember that businesses are run by people who have families and lives outside of that business. As soon as we have the flyers, we will be posting on our website and FB page.

Thank you for your interest in the RI Farm Scavenger Hunt!