Farm Plates

Please refer to RI DMV Farm Plate Requirements for up to date requirements.

The RI DMV takes applications for Farm Plates at the Cranston DMV only.

Application for Farm Plates
(This form is linked to the RI DMV website, so it is as current can be offered.)

Requirements for Farm Plates (as noted on the above application form):

1. Farm tax exempt letter from the Rhode Island Division of Taxation (See link to application below).
2. Bill(s) of Sale.
3. Completed tax exemption form (found at registry).
4. Photos of vehicle: front, side, rear, and interior. *See below
5. Complete Application for Registration and Title Certificate (TR-1) form.
– Vehicles may only be registered in accordance with the entity/entities listed on the farm tax exempt certificate.
6. Requirement checklist approval by the DMV’s Enforcement Office.

Farm Tax Exemption Form Application 2019

Relevant RI General Laws:

RIGL 31-1-8

RIGL 31-3-31

RIGL 44-18-30 (Go to (32)

*Other items we have been made aware you may need:

Picture of the VIN# plate on the driver’s side door or door frame.
A statement that you owe no taxes from your tax town.

Regulations for the Safety Inspection of Farm Vehicles:  Includes content on Inspection; Registration; Size, Weight and Load Limits; Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem.

Updated December 2020