FSA Youth Loans!

Our May 21 workshop on FSA Youth Loans was very successful!  FSA Youth loans provide up to $5,000 to help youth between the ages of 10 and 20 finance small ag-related and income producing projects.  If you missed the workshop, but would be interested in one of the follow-up workshops, please email rifarm@rifb.org or call the office at 401-385-3339 to get on the list.    Check out our page for more information on Youth Loans.

RI DEM Produce Safety Portal

RIDEM  Produce Safety Portal

The Division of Agriculture aims to aid growers in navigating the Produce Safety Rule. Use the above link to go to the RI DEM Produce Safety Portal, or start at our FSMA Links page.

2019 RIFB Raffle Plans!

2019 RIFB Raffle Prizes- Seeking RIFB Member Farm’s Gift Certificates

For our 2019 Raffle to benefit our RIFB Scholarship program, we will offer 3 chances to win for each $5 ticket! Our three prizes will be $500, $300 and $200 in RIFB Member Farm’s Gift Certificates.  RIFB will be purchasing the gift certificates for this raffle from our member farms, so please let us know if you offer gift certificates at your business and would like us to consider including your farm in our 2019 RIFB Farm Product Raffle.  For more details, click the link above or contact the office at 401-385-3339.

FSA Youth Loans



What are they?

FSA Youth Loans (up to $5,000) help to finance small projects which are:

  • Limited in:
    • Physical Size
    • Capital Requirements
    • Overall Objectives
  • Income-producing
  • Agricultural-related
  • Educational Project


Who Can Apply?

10 to 20 year-olds that have, or are interested in starting, an agricultural project that would benefit from additional or start-up funding.  Projects might include:   Raising and Breeding Livestock,  Growing Fruits & Vegetables for Resale, Growing Flowers & Plants for Resale.  4-H and FFA members who may be working with projects or SAEs can use this as an opportunity to help ‘seed’ their project. 

What Can the Money Be Used For? 

Some examples of uses for loans are:

  • Buying animals, equipment and supplies
  • Buying, renting or repairing needed tools and equipment
  • Paying operating expenses for running the project


What This Can Do For the Applicants:

  • Learn how to prepare a business plan
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
  • Establish financial and production records
  • Demonstrate ability to follow through on a project and repay the loan