Farm Vehicle Laws and Exemptions for Carrying in a Vehicle

Those of you that have been RI Farm Bureau members for quite a while may recall the yellow cardstock slips that were available to you to be kept in you vehicle in case of a motor vehicle stop. These slim sheets provided relevant RIGL to discuss with a police officer in the case of any stop where farm plated vehicles would not be required to comply with laws which apply to most vehicles. That page is shown below as a single sided sheet which you may view. To print the sheet, click HERE.

Farm Vehicle Laws and Exemptions for Carrying in Vehicle Plus Reg


There are a number of laws referred to in this sheet that I will link in full below:

RIGL 31-1-8 Farm Vehicle defined

RIGL 31-3-2 (b) and (c) :  Vehicles Subject to Registration Describes circumstances where a farm vehicle is exempt from registration requirement.

RIGL 31-3-31 Registration of Farm Vehicles Please note, while only one farm plate has been issued with a registration for a long time, the newest Farm Plates have been given in a set of 2. 

RIGL 31-25-2 (2): Vehicles Exempt from Limitations of Size, Load and Weight Limits.  Farm Vehicle Exception- This section is most often used in regards to silage loads not requiring a cover. Farm Vehicles are Exempt from 31-25-10 Fastening of Load and Covering

RIGL 31-10.3-16 Persons Exempt from Licensing

Regulations for the Safety Inspection of Farm Vehicles:  Includes content on Inspection; Registration; Size, Weight and Load Limits; Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem.

Updated September 2021