FSA Youth Loans!

Our May 21 workshop on FSA Youth Loans was very successful!  FSA Youth loans provide up to $5,000 to help youth between the ages of 10 and 20 finance small ag-related and income producing projects.  If you missed the workshop, but would be interested in one of the follow-up workshops, please email rifarm@rifb.org or call the office at 401-385-3339 to get on the list.    Check out our page for more information on Youth Loans.

RI DEM Produce Safety Portal

RIDEM  Produce Safety Portal

The Division of Agriculture aims to aid growers in navigating the Produce Safety Rule. Use the above link to go to the RI DEM Produce Safety Portal, or start at our FSMA Links page.

2019 Farm Products Raffle!

2019 RIFB Farm Products Raffle

For our 2019 Raffle to benefit our RIFB Scholarship program, we will offer 3 chances to win for each $5 ticket! Our three prizes will be $500, $300 and $200 in RIFB Member Farm’s Gift Certificates. To buy tickets, come visit our booth at  Foster Old Home Days July 26-28, ERI 4-H Fair August 3 & 4 or Washington County Fair August 14-18.  You can also stop by our office and purchase tickets.  For more details, click to visit the raffle page or contact the office at 401-385-3339.

FSMA Links

FSMA Workshop Series

Where does your farm fall within the PSR?
What are PSR exemptions and exclusions?
What sort of records should be kept?

If you have any of these questions, this workshop is right for you!
The RI Produce Safety Program (RIDEM Division of Ag)  will be hosting a series of three FREE workshops that will focus on de-mystifying the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) and aims to assist you in determining how you can prepare.  Workshops will be held in Providence on March 21, Narragansett on April 11 and in Bristol on May 2. (Each workshop will cover the same material.)  Details and how to register can be found here.

Each Produce Safety Rule Workshop will cover:
– Exemptions and exclusions under the PSR
– How to apply for an exemption
– Record-keeping
– Tools for assistance
– The Produce Safety Rule and market access

  • Produce Safety Rule (FSMA) Adoption – The Regulation had a 30-day public comment period (ending January 28, 2019) where interested stakeholders commented on the promulgation of this regulation. This is still in process.
    • PSR is a Federal Rule.
    • States do not have the ability to change it.
    • It must be incorporated into state regs.
      • By simple adoption. Adoption by referencing the Federal Rule means any changes made on a Federal Level are automatically mirrored on the State Level.
      • Until adopted at state level, FDA is the lead.
      • Final Step is to establish DEM authority of the rule.
      • Needs to be done by 2019.
  • Covered Produce– Under the Produce Safety Rule, covered produce is defined as fruits and vegetables that are typically consumed raw.